freispace studio planning, resource scheduling, and project planning

Project Planning and Scheduling

Efficiently plan, control budgets, and manage costs for optimal post-production planning

Project planning and post-production workflows including budget control

Comprehensive project overview with detailed information

Customizable fields allow you to capture all project information.

Keep a close eye on your budget and conveniently export it as a formatted Excel file.

Easily track overhead costs and budget overruns for transparency.

Gantt-style project planning for post-production

Clear and Effective Planning with Gantt Project Planning

Use different phases, milestones, and colors to structure your projects optimally.

Adjust your planning easily with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface and get a quick overview of your project.

Studio planning with live view and changelog.

Promote Team Collaboration with Real-time Planning

Track project planning in real-time and collaborate with team members simultaneously.

Maintain visibility of all changes with a traceable log for increased transparency.