The Founding Story of freispace

»More time producing instead of scheduling.«

freispace was born out of a common challenge faced by the film industry: the lack of a suitable and modern solution for managing post-production facilities.

That's where freispace stepped in.




From Line Producer to Founder

Before founding freispace in 2021, Leonardo Re served as a Line Producer for documentary series, including the Netflix Original Dig Deeper . His role involved overseeing company-wide project management, staff planning, contract negotiations, and optimizing post-production processes.

The Importance of Post-Production Planning

Efficient post-production planning is crucial on multiple levels, as delays and delivery issues can result in contract penalties. Vacant workspaces are also a costly problem, as the investment in editing suites, sound studios, and more can easily reach five figures.

freispace-Gründer Leonardo Re
Leonardo Re Photo: Karsten Klama

Addressing the Industry's Challenges

In early 2022, we conducted qualitative surveys and discovered that the majority of companies relied on shared calendars or massive Excel spreadsheets to organize their processes. The biggest issues were dependence on individual employees, time wasted on redundant communication, and a lack of clarity.

The Birth of freispace

Based on these findings and our mission to give media companies more time for production by reducing planning inefficiencies, freispace GmbH was founded in June 2022. In July, we celebrated with a launch party at our office in Berlin.

Watch our Launch Party Video from July 1st, 2022.

Working Together for a Solution

Together with co-founder Alexander Hirschfeld, who oversees the technical aspects of freispace, we are creating an industry-specific software solution for the media industry in Berlin and Potsdam.

Support and Growth

With early support from the MediaTech Hub Accelerator Babelsberg and inclusion in the Media Fellowship Program by the Media Lab Bayern, freispace is able to develop in close collaboration with the media industry in Potsdam and Munich.

Expanding to Potsdam

To strengthen our regional connections, we established our Potsdam office in December 2022.

freispace-Gründer Alexander Hirschfeld und Leonardo Re
Alexander Hirschfeld and Leonardo Re at the Media Lab Bayern