freispace: easy scheduling for editing suites, studios, and personnel

Efficient Resource Management

Effortlessly manage editing suites, studios, individuals, computers, equipment, and licenses.

Effortlessly plan and manage your post-production process

Stay on top of your entire company – live and intuitively

Track bookings, availability, and conflicts in real-time for seamless planning.

Gain insight and overview from anywhere – on mobile or computer, with any device.

User-friendly interface for easy and time-saving operations: book, extend, reschedule, or duplicate via drag and drop. One or multiple bookings simultaneously.

Adaptive, endlessly scrollable timeline for every booking scenario.

Optimized scheduling software for studios and post-production

The right view for every planning scenario

Various display options for different planning scenarios: from daily, weekly, and monthly views to a scrollable and zoomable endless view. Because projects don't stop at the end of the month.

Individual selection and grouping of displayed resources. This allows for optimal overview based on location, workflow, or project.

Resources can easily be booked in minutes, hours, days, or weeks. Weekends can be automatically excluded.

Project overview and resource allocation for post-production

More efficient company control through improved overview

Keep an eye on the entire company's workload with just one click.

Long-term control and optimization of projects and resource utilization, as well as evaluation of internal costs.

More precise project status information due to clear bookings and plans.