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Supercharge your post-production planning.

Spend less time planning and more producing.
German efficiency at its best.

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Make time for your production,
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freispace emerged from the German film industry.

Thanks to freispace, your team works more effectively. Everyone in the company gains access to the current post-production schedule and you always have an eye on the general workload.

freispace helps you deliver on time.

Effortless scheduling
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Intuitive drag-and-drop, unlimited scrolling and a clutter-free interface eliminate the need for onboarding. In fact, freispace is so easy to use, anyone in your team will love to use it.

All your information in one place,
but exportable at any time

Project details, tech specs, and more help your entire team to stay informed.

Analyse utilization and compare timeframes for informed business decisions.

And export your data at any time for further use – may it be as Excel files, CSV lists or shared calendars, amongst others.