Sustainability at freispace

An Overview of Our ESG Efforts

The Importance of ESG

From the beginning, we made it a priority to incorporate ESG criteria into our corporate philosophy and structure. Here are some of the reasons why early engagement with ESG matters to us:

🌍 We only have one planet.
😊 We strive for better collaboration.
🔁 Transparency and exchange can influence not just ourselves, but others as well.
🔮 We are already prepared for tomorrow's regulations.

Why we disclose our information.

When choosing software providers, it is important to consider ESG criteria. A provider that prioritises the environment, social responsibility, and good corporate governance demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and ethical conduct. This builds trust with customers and stakeholders and enables positive impact. Therefore, choose service providers who share your values and allow for a responsible partnership.

Service providers who do not disclose ESG information will not live up to it, even if they have it, due to a lack of transparency.

Our ESG Policy


We are committed to following this ESG policy within our own organization and with the partners we work with.

We will strive to encourage our partners, clients, etc. to agree to our ESG policy and commit to pursuing our ESG values. Additionally, we will seek to collaborate with partners and market participants who implement such ESG values themselves or can at least identify with them.

Our Values


Minimizing Environmental Impact

Through internal waste management, energy efficiency, and resource reduction

Sustainable Software Development

Data minimization, use of efficient code, monitoring resource consumption

Promoting Responsible Resource Management

Internal promotion through transparency, disclosure, and establishment of an environmentally conscious corporate culture

Supporting Our Customers

Calculating the environmental impact of a project in post-production; providing transparent data to promote responsible handling

Environmentally Friendly Supply Chains

Evaluating suppliers and supply chains with the goal of reducing unnecessary deliveries, consolidation, and using environmentally friendly shipments


Diverse and Inclusive Corporate Culture

Ensuring diverse teams throughout the company, promoting tolerance

Team and Work Environment

Building a strong culture and responsibility as a conscientious employer (avoiding pay disparities, parental leave, living wages)

Inclusive Language

Using inclusive language in all areas (e.g., vocabulary, website, application, contracts)


Involving our customers in product and company development; transparency toward customers; continuous feedback gathering

Supporting Local Businesses

Strengthening the local community through partnerships and preference for local businesses over multinational corporations


Highest Level of Data Privacy

We ensure the highest level of data privacy through internal measurements and regulations, and by storing all data within the EU.

Data Sovereignty

We guarantee customer data sovereignty through various export functions and automated deletion.

Data Security

Our backup systems, fail safes, access controls, and digital protection systems ensure data security.


Through responsible disclosures, we demonstrate transparency and accountability.

Integrity and Responsible Action

We advocate for human rights, diversity, and fair treatment of stakeholders. Through sustainable business practices, we strive to make a positive societal impact and foster long-term partnerships.

Evaluation & Disclosure

Some of our actions, metrics, and improvement goals are presented in detail in the following paragraphs. This is a summary of our efforts without claiming to be exhaustive.